NetTalk TK6000 Review – Can it Take Over Magic Jack?

It’s no secret the Magic Jack, a device that allows you to make free local and long distance calls, has seen great success over the last two years. It comes as no shock then that another company would release a similar product and try to steal part of the market share that the MagicJack has captured. Late night commercials can now been seen advertising a Magic Jack look a like product called the TK6000. NetTalk, a new startup is behind the “Magic Jack killer”.

What is the difference between the NetTalk TK6000 and Magic Jack?

The two devices are actually very similar in size and weight. The big difference between the two is that the Magic Jack must be plugged into a computer and must be powered on to make calls. The TK6000 does not require a computer to work. You simple plug your landline phone and your Internet connection into the device. As with the Magic Jack you must have a quality high-speed Internet connection to have quality calls.

There is a significant difference in price between the two products. The Magic Jack costs $39.00 with a $20 dollar a year charge to make unlimited calls. The NetTalk TK6000 costs $100 dollars upfront although you do have the option of splitting the payments into four parts. Once you have paid the hundred dollars you are then able to make unlimited calls for the “life” of the device. There have been some debates on the bulletin boards about what this actually means. The shipping and handling fee is waved if you decide to pay the whole amount upfront.

What does The TK6000 have going for it?

One thing we really like about the device is that it does not require a computer, which we find one of the more annoying things with the MagicJack. You can save some money not having to pay to keep your computer powered on 24/7. It’s great that once you pay the $100 upfront that you will not have to pay another charge ever again. Although most companies and devices have a life span and we doubt you’ll make free phone calls for life. You are able to use the TK6000 with all sort of hardware including satellite providers, and fax machines. The offer a 1-800 support number and from what we have heard, support is very good. There is a very helpful and active forum where users can get help or make suggestions to the company. We also like that you can change your number and area code when ever you like. Right now NetTalk does not allow you to port your number over but the company has promised that this feature will be available at some point.

The darker side of the TK6000

For people on a budget and trying to save money, the $100 dollar price tag is a lot to swallow. It is especially difficult because the company is new and there is no promise how long they will be around. At the time this article was written, NetTalk lacks local numbers to give out so if you do not live in a bigger area you may not be able to get a local number. This is very similar problem that Magic Jack had when they first started. It is also troublesome that the company does not offer support on the weekend. It most cases the TK6000 is as simple as plug and play but there are a few reported issues with compatibility issues with certain Internet modem/router hardware. In some cases it take some advanced configuration to get the TK600 to work.

Dan Borislow, the CEO of Magic Jack recently made a comment to an online tech magazine dismissing the new competitor.

It’s a piece of shit. It has static. The call quality is pathetic. There’s no phone numbers available, and it’s run by a bunch of fly-by-nights with no assets. They’ll be bankrupt soon. We’re a real company with the best network and best software.

Users have reported that the call quality with the NetTalk USB device to be equal or better than the Magic Jack. The obvious advantage you have with NetTalk is that you are not at the mercy of the performance of your computer. Often times slow or underperforming pcs get in the way of the quality of the call with the Magic Jack.

Only time will tell if the NetTalk TK6000 can truly compete with the well-established MagicJack. Another thing to consider is how many people are ditching their land lines altogether for cell phones. Magic Jack is betting on this trend with there new product dubbed the femtoJack which is due to be released soon.

Update: Nettalk has released the Nettalk Duo

Here is a fantastic user review of the NetTalk TK6000 that I wanted to include in this post.

I have been a MagicJack (MJ) users for almost two years now. I read a lot of the posting about TK6000 before I decided to give it a try. Nettalk offers 30-day money back. I have my NetTalk (NT) for over a month now and I have been very happy with it. I can use it without computer, but if I go to a location where there wireless Internet, I can plug the TK6000 directly into the USB, just like MJ. The two times in which I called Net Talk customer service I was pleased. The Customer service rep took the time to solve the problem I had and to explain other features in Nettalk. He helped me change my phone number to a local number, at no cost. I have tested TK6000 quality while downloading a large file from the Internet, and I got the same very good quality with and without downloading. This has been a major problem with Magic Jack.

I also like the three way calling/conferencing feature of TK6000. MJ is limited to the case of conferencing two people that call you. TK6000 allows you to call 2 different numbers and conference them. If someone calls you on TK6000 you can put the caller on hold, dial another number and conference everyone. I like seeing the caller ID on the phone set connected to TK6000. For MJ you have to buy a unit to connect between Magic Jack and your phone to be able to see the caller ID.

There are items that TK600 could improve. Voice mail now only gets to you as an e-mail file. You can not listen to your voice mail over the phone (like with MJ). Tk6000 does not have a softphone. But Net Talk plans to come up one soon.

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  1. We are a web developmen company based out of India. We have been using magicjack for the last two years, but are facing some severe problems with the connection and voice quality.We want to switch to NetTALK now, we hav ecome across some really positive comments and feedback about this newly launched voip service.

  2. I thought Magic Jack was a good idea until I tried to renew the service. We did just what they promote… cut the landline. After the first year, I signed up for the discounted five year plan using my credit card on-line. Abruptly, the service was cut off. Magic Jack does not have a customer service telephone line. The best you can do is use their on-line “chat”. Each of the three “Chats” I had with people identified as their top 10% service representatives resulted in nothing more than “Your account is under review and you will receive an Email”. Never receiving an Email… I had another on-line “Chat”. When I questioned whether there was really anyone reviewing accounts, I was told that the payment I made was going to be credited back to my credit card.

    Magis Jack’s good idea product has definitely gone bad!

  3. I’ve been using MagicJack for over 4 years now. I owned 4 of them. I will never go back with them after Nettalk. Nettalk is far better. Magicjack is crap. Nettalk works a lot a better. It only took me less than 5 minutes to set it up. Magicjack is a scam too. They are reviewing my account for no reason from them and I’m unable to extend my subscription. So I’m stuck with the Magicjack doggle.. Nettalk is far better overall and it just works. No More MagicJack for me!

  4. So I’ve been reading all the back and forth between MJ users and NT users and by the sounds of all the posts on all the sites i’ve been to, it appears to me they are of the same quality, low cost electronics – both seem to have their fair share of failures and aside from software features from the home office, compatible to each other. I’ve been a Vonage user for the past 4 years, prior to that was using my cable company so i’m used to the sometimes garbled conversation that happens when your internet connection is questionable. So I opted to try the NT device – purchased 2 of them – one for my home in the States and one for my apartment in China – Like I did with Vonage in the past.

    I have to say that so far (1 day) I’m impressed, I was able to pick a phone number in my township on long island, set up – well that took a little longer than I thought. Being an IT guy I had to totally rebuild my router and was not pleased about that – reduced security to make it function – but was able to make it work well in my DMZ. only made a few calls so far – quality is outstanding compared to Vonage. I’m interested to get to the inner workings of the device, so if anyone figured out the user name and password to the device – kindly share it.

  5. I purchased my first NetTalk Duo several months ago and issues with the call quality. When I discussed the problems with tech support they were very helpful. After running a couple of tests, I found the problem was NOT with the NetTalk but with my service provider. To verify this I tested the NetTalk Duo on different high speed Internet service and it worked great. The call quality was equal to or better than most cell phones. Since the device would not work well with my high speed ISP, I opted to return it within the 30 day trial period. According to the USPS tracking number, NetTalk received the package 3 days after I mailed. My refund was promptly returned to my credit card within 7 days. Don’t hesitate to check out NetTalk Duo if it doesn’t work out for you, they will promptly refund your money. It’s also now available at Wal-Mart — if it doesn’t work return back to the store for a refund.

  6. It’s a piece of shit. It has static. The call quality is pathetic. There’s no phone numbers available, and it’s run by a bunch of fly-by-nights with no assets. They’ll be bankrupt soon. We’re a real company with the best network and best software.
    give it a rest Dan Borislow you and your company keep changing making promisess you cant even keep,
    the reson why is that when i payed for magicjack knowing i had free calling pluse free confrence calling, then your promise went down the tube when you changed your software. now when i make a local call ymax pics it up and says its in international call, the only bull shitter here is you,

  7. George March 9, 2011

    Be careful with nettalk deals, Even thou they says unlimited calls, if you minute goes above 5000 minutes a month. you will be placed to a business plan and need to pay for each minute you call, and you do not have a option to swith back. I got screwed up with knowing this information which is not highlighted in the ads. So be careful.

  8. I have bought both magic jack and TK6000. the magiccrap died in 3days. I have been using my ‘lifetime’ calling on my TK6000 for a few years and only had one problem which when I called NetTalk support they sent me a label and I shipped it to them two days later I got back a completely reconditioned unit with new cables and new jacks installed. I only wish they had installed a small fan in it as it gets a bit warm while on. But all in all it is the best use of a Benjamin I ever threw down. While my friends are paying AT&T $60-80 a month I laugh because my services are better.

  9. I’m wondering whether anyone knows whether you can use an EVO hot spot as your internet connection for the NetTalk?

  10. take a look at OOMA. It’s similar. and no monthly charges if you get a refurbished hub. otherwise, just a few dollars a month in taxes.

  11. I have a had a Magic Jack for 2 1/2 years and for the most part it works. It seems they have lots of problems. I bought the Duo and I have to say it works so much better than Magic Jack hands down.. Looks like Magic Jack has lost another user.

  12. Charles Hale January 27, 2011

    I got my net talk duo because it can fax. I had to adjust my baud rate 2 times and it does work at the 9600 rate. The calls are mostly clear, but at times they breakup like a bad cell call. Called ID gives you name and number and MJ does not. I think in time it will be very good. Its a new company and they deserve a break.

  13. How can you find out the numbers available in a area code

  14. I don’t normnally go out of my way to post reviews of lousy services. Usually I post good reviews or try to go the extra mile with customer services to resolve the issue. However since NetTalk boasts such great customer service, they deserve the criticism. The short story is: they don’t keep their word, they b.s. and say they are sorry and will rectify however that is not true. Don’t bother with them. The long story is they have sent my NetDuo to the wrong country, promised me next day delivery to the correct address and I confirmed today at UPS sent it to the wrong country. At least 1 operator failed to get back to me (he made a big production about how he would (Freddie @ station 2) and just now I called their sales number and Rachel told me that hse couldn’t help me but customer service was there today and could track my order. Of course, they were not.

  15. Richard135 December 5, 2010

    I want to be able to use my fax machine. (One of the main reasons I got MJ.) MJ has been useless trying to fax anything! If Nettalk can do many pages of faxes without a hitch, then Good Bye MJ!!!

  16. I’ve had majic jack for a year. It works just OK. I download a lot and i have to pause most of my downloading or the sound will be choppy. Leaving the computer on sucks also. On the postive side, I can take my magic jack with me anywhere there is a computer. I would be willing to try nettalk, except for the price. Maybe if it comes down. So for now, Magic Jack it is.

  17. notjerry October 17, 2010

    @ jerry Well it seems like Magicjack has the same timedelay. but there are more reviews of the positive here than I have found on average towards MJ.

  18. ATXSage October 2, 2010

    I love this device. The only time I use the phone is when I work from home. I recently used netTALK to dial into my soft phone at work and didn’t have any call quality issues. My only beef is there’s a 3 hour phone call limit and I need to be dialed into my soft phone for 8 hours so I’m considering sending the device back. It’s too bad that there is a call time limit, but other than that the device is outstanding.

    I did need to make one adjustment with my router to get the device to work, but they have a KB article about how to make the adjustment.

  19. Jerry Kim August 24, 2010

    I used to have Vonage. I had to pay a monthly fee, and it was not much different from having a landline phone. So I was in the market for some bargain. Then I found magic jack. Great price…can’t beat the price they offer. However, the issue with magic jack for me is that I have to run the computer continuously to have it work. And the quality depends on the computer and the modem. At least with vongage, it just depended on the router, and it did not rely on a computer being on all the time. Then I found Net Talk. I got the Tk6000 model, and the device is great. It gives me all the capabilities of a phone while being independent of a computer. The only thing is that I can’t check voice mail over the phone but through email. But most phones today are equipped with answering machines. So really that is not a big issue for me. Nettalk, you rock!

  20. so WHAT if you have to plug into your computer?
    I’ve paid $59 for a 5 yr license, thats 4 yrs and 11 months til I have to make another payment, The call quality with magicJack is great, I’m sticking with magicJack.

  21. so WHAT if you have to plug into your computer.. this company has already started changing its prices. I paid $59 for a 5 yr license for magicJack, thats 4 yrs and 11 months til I have to make another payment. WELL worth the money if you ask me. I’m sticking with magicJack.

  22. This device works great! I have recently purchased two of them and have had no issues. Unlike Magic Jack which needs to have your computer running all the time this devices does not.

  23. TK6000 has been discontinued. Now the device is called Nettalk Duo. You can purchase it for $69.99, but now there’s a yearly $29.99 subscription. Still not bad. Compare that to my Vonage ($36/mo). The older TK6000 device holders will still be able get support but only as long as the device lasts. Still no voicemail that you can check on the phone though. You can fax on Nettalk, unlike Vonage which asks you for an additional fee to be able to fax.

  24. Frank May 10, 2010

    Just got mine set up last week and works great as a former employee of GTE, Verizon and AT&T I will tell you that the telecommunications industry has deep pockets and spends millions every year on advertising. It’s about time that the consumer gets a break, so far the NetTalk TK6000 is a great product and I feel it has great potential. Long term nobody knows so what about 5, 10 or 20 years from now? Lifetime unlimited local and long distance service is great but what if they file bankruptcy? or get bought by another CLEC carrier? It is unclear to me what contractual agreement I have with NetTalk.

  25. Rohan May 8, 2010

    I got the nettalk after reading many reviews. I loved what it offered but was worried about the company and support.
    let me tell you the unit works great with no issues at all, its always up 24×7.

    I am considering buying two more for my parents and in-laws. Buy with confidence, the email support was polite and prompt. They are genuine people and are tying to save the consumer a tonne of money. Way to Go Nettalk!!!!!

    Disclaimer: I have no affiliaton with the company at all, yet I love them so much.

  26. Stay away from this company. If you return a unit, they will not refund your money in a timely fashion, in fact they may not refund it at all. Once they get the unit back in their hands, they don’t process your refund for many days, maybe never. BTW, their unit does not work well either.

  27. This device works great! I have recently purchased two of them and have had no issues. Unlike Magic Jack which needs to have your computer running all the time this devices does not. Even though Magic Jack is cheaper initially having your computer running all the time makes it quite expensive to have.

  28. I’ve been using Nettalk for about 3 months and it works great for me. I was a vonage customer for 4 years and just canceled for the nettalk service. At the beginning there were some call quality issues, but that caused by me have a very slow economy version of comcast’ cable internet. i now have a very high speed service and nettalk works great. Once in a while I will have to unplug and restart the tk6000, when they update their firmware or if I’m messing around with my Apple airport extreme router. All in all it is great having no monthly phone bill! Check out my unboxing video at you tube:

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