Chrome OS Update For Samsung Chromebook, Acer C7

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According to Google’s official Chrome blog, the Beta channel has been updated to version 23.0.1271.111 for the following devices; Samsung Chromebook, Samsung Series 5 550, Samsung Series 5, Acer C7 and Acer AC700 and Samsung Series 3 Chromebox.

Some of the updates include new flash version for x86, New firmware version for Acer C7, and Stability fixes. The point of this update is simply to work out bugs and improve the overall user experience for these devices when browsing with Chrome OS. Some other devices have already been updated, and these were simply thrown in the rotation it looks like.

For those who find issues, they are encouraged to report them to the Chrome team, by using the Chrome menu in the upper right corner of the browser.

Source: Google

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