Nokia Lumia 920, 810 Music Service: Price, Release Date

nokia music

Nokia is launching a new music service for their Lumia line of phones. The service is called Nokia Music+ and offers a better price than many of the competitors out on the market such as services like Spotify or Pandora. Nokia released the news earlier today on their blog.

The price is only €3.99/$3.99 USD, and is much less than many of the traditional services which cahrge about $9.99 per month. The great part about this service is that you can use your desktop for music as well, so it’s not just for your phone.

Here are some of the cool features of the service. You get unlimited skips, or the ability to jump from track to track with any ads. You get unlimited downloads so you can create play lists without having an internet connection when you do decide to listen to the music later. The super high quality of Nokia Music allows you to stream at 8 times the existing quality according to Nokia. You also get lyrics to the songs you play, so if you want to sing along you can do that. And of course something we already mentioned si that you can use the service on your desktop, Smart TV or other connected screens.

The service will be rolling out within the next couple weeks, and the price mentioned above might vary depending on where you live throughout the world, however the price of €3.99/$3.99 USD will be the standard for places like the USA and UK.

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